As part of our education programme, each family is required to keep a daily diary, which covers health and safety responsibilities and also assists as a communication tool for parents and the nanny. 

Often as busy working parents the time to verbally communicate every occurrence in a day is impossible time wise, so this diary gives the tools to record and keep any messages between the two parties, food consumed, outings taken, toileting and sleeping times.  This gives the parents a good overview of what has happened for their children during the day while in care with the nanny.

This diary is also for recording any hazard or risk which need to be identified and minimised for the children and nanny, it records basic emergency requirements and actions, give permission around any medications that need to be administered and any other day to day requirements of running a safe work place.

It’s often difficult to find time to have a decent chat during hand over periods with our nanny, or I get to work and remember that I forgot to mention something. Now I can read the diary at my leisure and write in things for the next day. It’s a brilliant communication tool
— Justine, Mother of three


Each child has their own learning journal. This journal will capture all their significant learning moments, as well as photos, art work, special anecdotal moments and they will have a community of voices with the nanny, visiting teacher, the child and the parent adding to this special memento of the precious early learning journey. As well as showing the learning journey each child has been on, it  becomes a treasured record for parents to keep.