The Nanny Company is able to offer The Ministry of Education’s 20 hours ECE to all 3, 4 & 5 year olds who are eligible. There are number of rules which exist around 20 hours ECE.

The Nanny Company’s 20 hours ECE Policy

  • applies to all children aged 3-5 years old, and
  • when there is only one child of this age group enrolled with a nanny, then
  • a minimum enrolment will apply of at least 1 more hour than claimed through 20 hours ECE.
  • Also in relation to the Policy, the child’s attendance must match their enrolment, or frequent absence rules will apply.    If you cannot meet these criteria then The Nanny Company cannot offer 20 hours ECE to your child.  Please note that 20 hours ECE cannot be claimed at the same time as WINZ Childcare Subsidy.
  • we have no optional fees.

For example if there is one 3 year old, with one nanny, enrolled for 20 hours and claiming 20 hours ECE then the minimum enrolment policy will be enforced and a minimum of 21 hours will required.  The fee (the nanny’s wage) will only apply to the extra hours over and above the 20 Hours ECE and not applied to the 20 hours ECE.

These rules can be complicated and we welcome any questions you have.   The Ministry of Education provide some excellent resources regarding 20 hours ECE on their parent’s website –