How much can I expect to get paid?

On average most nannies can expect between $18-$20 per hour in the South Island and $20-22 in the Wellington region. This is dependent on the level of experience and training of each individual nanny. Nanny share tends to attract an additional $2-$3 per hour.

Will I be paid for public holidays, annual leave and sick pay?

Simply put, yes! A nanny is entitled to the same benefits as all other employees.

Can I find work with The Nanny Company?

To be a nanny with our Education Programme you need to have a passion for caring for babies and preschool children. You need to have initiative and be able to manage a home environment and to want to foster early childhood growth in the home.   You do need to have previous work experience with preschool aged children.

All our nannies are required to be 18 years of age or older. They are required to hold a full drivers licence along with their own vehicle. Also you will need to provide two references (that we can contact) about your work experience with preschool children.   

What is the process?

If you fit the above criteria we would love to hear from you! Filling out the Nanny Application form on this website will start the ball rolling. From there we will call and chat through your application, interview, reference and police check, and then write a profile on you which we send to the families. We take special note at this stage of what type of role you are looking for to ensure we find you the perfect family.

Once you have passed our checks you will be eligible to be put forward for jobs we are currently filling (these are displayed on our website under Jobs).  Not all positions make it onto the jobs notices, as we often know exactly who we think would suit the role and contact nannies straight away. We will contact you if we have a role that we think you would be perfect for.  When you have agreed that you would like to be put forward for a role, we send your profile to the family. They are then responsible for contacting you for the interview stage. If circumstance change with regards to the type of work you are looking for, we appreciate you keeping us informed.

What is the interview process?

The family will have your profile and we also send them suggested interview questions. When we interview you during the selection phase we will give you some hints and tips for your interview with the family. The family will have suggested an hourly rate to us and advised times that they require care which will have been passed on. We suggest that you discuss these in the interview as sometimes circumstances can change.

What are my legal responsibilities?

When you are employed as a nanny you will become the employee of the family. We suggest you sign an employment agreement with the family which helps protect both parties should a dispute arise. The Nanny Company provide the family with a template of a contract and  job description which can be amended between you and the family.  We strongly advise all parties to seek their own independent legal advice prior to signing any agreement.  As your employer the family need to make allowances for Holiday Pay, ACC, Kiwisaver and Tax. The Nanny Company offers a payroll service to the family to take care of this for you and them.

What can I expect to do as a nanny?

The primary role as a nanny is the care and education of the children you have been hired to look after. There is an expectation that you will also undertake child related household tasks, these should be clearly specified in the job description.

When you are employed under our Education Programme you are not only providing nurturing care, but you are also providing early childhood education. You will be assigned a visiting teacher with each family. Their role is to help you programme plan; guiding you through the curriculum. The visiting teacher will advise strategies and generally give you and the family support. Our team of visiting teachers all have early childhood qualifications, along with years of experience in the sector and they all have children of their own!

When/How do I get paid?

The employment contract is between you (employee) and the family (employer). The family may choose to pay you directly. The terms of this should be written into your contract and specify when and how much you will receive. If the family wishes they can utilise our payroll service. If they do this the family pays The Nanny Company directly (the family are legally still your employer). We then forward your pay into your nominated account every fortnight.