What do nannies expect to get paid?

On average most nannies charge between $19-$21 per hour in the South Island and $20-22 in the Wellington region. This is dependent on the level of experience and training of each individual nanny.  You may be entitled to subsidies which can significantly reduce the cost of a nanny.  Some subsidies are income tested, whilst others are not.  To discuss what you may be eligible to receive in subsidies, please call us.

A nanny share is where two families share the same nanny and the nannies wage is split between the two families see Nanny share.

What are ECE hours?

20 hours ECE (Early Childhood Education) is a non-income tested government subsidy available to all 3 and 4 year old children participating in early years education services. It has been designed to make Early Childhood Education more accessible for all families. If you join as part of our Education programme and your child is 3 or 4 years old you can claim your 20 hours ECE subsidy through us. You can claim up to 6 hours per day, 20 hours per week across all early childhood education services for each child.  For more detailed information please refer our 20 hours ECE page here.

What other subsidies could I be entitled to?

There are a range of income tested and non income tested subsidies available through our service.  We pride ourselves on being very knowledgeable about what families could access, dependent on their personal circumstances.  Work and Income (WINZ) subsidies can significantly reduce the cost of hiring a nanny. These could be for multiple births, domestic support, low income support and many other areas such as postnatal depression. We can help you unlock what may be available to you and help you through the claim process. Whilst rates change all the time the current rate for home help is $18.77 per hour.

Am I expected to pay the nanny for public holidays, annual leave and sick pay?

Simply put, yes! A nanny is entitled to the same benefits as all other employees. Just as you are paid for public holidays, get annual leave and sick pay, so does your nanny.

How much does it cost to use a nanny agency?

If you have a pre-school child and join us with our education programme there will be no fee charged to you for the recruitment of your nanny or the use of our education programme. There are terms and condition which apply.

How long does it take to find a nanny?

We have nannies available to start now, but how soon we find one for you will depend on what you require in terms of the family/nanny β€˜fit’ and hours offering etc. We may need to recruit new nannies to ensure we find the perfect nanny for you and the journey ahead with your family. The time frame for finding a nanny can largely be down to you, depending on the time taken from when we send you profiles to you contacting potential nannies for interviews.  To help speed up the process it is useful to give some thought in advance to the days and hours you require your Nanny, also are you providing a car or will the nanny need to supply one? What will their responsibilities be? What type of person would suit your family best? Sometimes these change during the process. If so just gives us a call and we can update our search criteria.

What is the interview process?

We will send through profiles on each nanny that we think best fits your requirements.  You decide from these whom you would like to interview. Each family contacts the nanny candidate directly for the interview. So what questions will you want to ask them? At The Nanny Company we provide you with a list of helpful questions when we send through the profiles. We suggest you also write some additional questions of things that will be important to your family to ensure the nanny will be the perfect fit for you and your requirements.

What are my legal responsibilities?

When you employ a Nanny you will become their employer. You will need to provide an agreement to be signed by you and your nanny which helps protect both parties should a dispute arise. At The Nanny Company we provide contracts and job descriptions for you to use. As the employer you also need to make allowances for Holiday Pay, ACC, Kiwisaver and Tax. The Nanny Company offers a payroll service to take care of this for you.

Once you offer a nanny the role of caring for your children, a verbal agreement has been formed even though nothing may have been signed. Please be aware that if you then change your mind, you may be still responsible for paying out the two weeks notice period.

What can I expect a nanny to do?

The primary role of a nanny is the care and education of the children she has been hired to look after. There is an expectation that she will also undertake child related household tasks, these should be clearly specified in the job description.

When you employ a nanny under our education programme, the nanny is not only providing nurturing care, but also providing early childhood education. You and the nanny will be assigned a visiting teacher. The visiting teachers role is to help your nanny programme plan; guiding her through the early years curriculum.  The visiting teacher will advise strategies and generally give you and the nanny support. Our team of visiting teachers all have early childhood qualifications and are extremely experienced & knowledgeable.