#8716 - Mt Pleasant - Mon to Fri - 50.5 hrs- Start 21st Jan

Nanny and Household Executive

This is a great job with one of our existing Nanny Company families helping to run a busy household and primarily care for a nearly 1 year old little boy during the day and his 2 sisters aged 5 and 9 years before and after school. The little boy is crawling, loves exploring, walks and going to the playground

This is a rewarding role for a nanny who is experienced, capable, shows initiative and who will take pride in this role of caring for the children and keep the house running smoothly.

The family have 2 dogs that are very much part of daily life.

The days and hours are:

Monday to Thursday 7am to 5.30pm

Friday 7am to 3.30pm

Total 50.5 hours

If you would like more information on this role please call us at The Nanny Company on 0800 444 118