#8770 - Khandallah - 29 hours - 2 full days and 2 half days - Start May/June

We are looking for an experienced , capable and nurturing nanny who shows initiative to help care for the children belonging to one of our Nanny Company families. They have a 6 month old little boy who is very settled, a 4 year old boy who is active but loves to get out and about as well as do puzzles and activity books- this little 4 year old is at Kindy on some days of the week. The boys have 2 older brothers aged 8 years and 5 years.

The days are hours required;

Monday afternoon - 4 hours

Tuesday afternoon - 5 hours

Thursday 8am to 6pm - 10 hours

Friday 8am to 6pm - 10 hours

Total 29 hours

Start end of May/June

Duties include Preschool pick up, school pick up, light household child related duties- afternoon tea, dinner prep for kids. laundry out and folded, kids dinner prep.

This is all to be confirmed but If you have any availability on these days please contact us to discuss on

0800 444 118