#8796 - Houghton Bay- 38 hours - 18 month old girl - Start 19th July

We are a family of three with a young daughter who is currently 16 months old.  We live in Houghton Bay, on Wellington's south coast. 

Our little girl will be 18 months by the time you join us.   She is a delightful wee girl.  She has a good daytime routine and is good at settling herself for her daytime naps (a short one in the morning and a longer one at lunchtime).  Over the next few months, we expect she will transition to having just one lunchtime nap.  

Her favourite things at the moment are balls, balloons, bubbles, buses, the zoo (especially the giraffes), Winnie the Pooh, dancing and going to the playground.  She also loves having books read to her.

She recently started daycare - she goes on Tuesdays and Fridays between 10.30 (after her nap) and 4.  We wanted her to have some time at daycare to meet other children and to socialise with them.  (She is also learning to eat lunch sitting at a table and to drink from a cup!)  You would be responsible for dropping her off at daycare and picking her up.  (Although, part of our reason for booking Friday is so that it is easier for her carer to have long weekends if they wish.)

Our ideal hours:

Monday – 7.45 to 5.30

Tuesday – 7.45 to 10.30 and then pickup from daycare at 4.00 until 5.30*

Wednesday – 7.45 to 5.30

Thursday  – 7.45 to 5.30

Friday – 7.45 to 10.30 and then pickup from daycare at 4.00 until 5.30*

Start 19th July

[We are willing to discuss arrangements relating to these days.]

We live in Houghton Bay on Wellington’s south coast in a large family home.  We have lovely views down the Houghton Bay valley to the Cook Strait.  There are two fenced outdoor areas – a front balcony and a small backyard.  We have lovely open plan living and gates on the stairs.  We have large windows looking to the South Coast and our little gilr likes to watch the buses come up the hill.  

We are a short distance (short walk or drive) to everything she loves: parks, playgrounds, Junglerama, Jumperama, the Kilbirnie Children’s Book Store, Active Play at the ASB Centre, beaches (she loves the dog park at Lyall Bay and the rock pools at Island Bay), Kilbirnie pool, the supermarket (!), cafes, libraries and Wellington zoo.  It is only 15-20 minutes to the city from our house.  She loves the waterfront and going up the cable car. 

We have a car for your use (including, as needed, to get to and from our house).  There is also a bus stop a couple of minutes from our front door. 

We would like a nanny to look after our little girl while we are at work, taking her out and about, generally entertaining her and helping her with naps and eating!  We may ask you to help with some light child related housework . This includes tidying her toys and helping with her washing.  We would also like our nanny to help with preparing her meals (esp dinner) and snacks.  We would love for you to develop a relationship with our daughter and to become an important part of her life while you are with us. 

If you are interested in this role please call us at The Nanny Company on 0800 444 118 for more information - Please note that the family’s preferred hours involve a split shift however there may be times when the family would like the nanny to work extra hours on these split shift days so a degree of flexibility would be an advantage.