#8812- St Albans - 19 hours- 2 days- Start July (flex)

This is a fabulous role looking after two little boys in St Albans. The family would love a nurturing and caring nanny who is happy to get out and about with the boys taking them to activities, Hagley park, playgrounds, playing on bikes. The boys would also enjoy local activities - music groups, the library. The older brother loves his outdoor activities, playing with his Duplo and attends preschool on 3 afternoons. His baby bother is a cuddly and happy little boy who loves watching his older brother.

The Family requires a nanny for 2 days a week

The days are flexible

The hours would be 7.30am to 5pm approximately

Start date would be July but the family may have a little flexibility for a later start for the right nanny.

Duties will be very light, hanging out washing etc, there may be drop offs and picks up depending on the days worked - the family have a car available for the nanny to use for the children’s activities.

Please call us at The nanny Company for more information on this role 0800 444 118

#8809 - Mount Pleasant - 12 hours - 3 mornings a week (Flex) - Start August

This is a fabulous part time role in Mt Pleasant looking after an energetic and affectionate 2 year old boy. This little boy is a bundle of energy who loves being outdoors, playing on his scooter and going to the park.

The family would love to find a nanny that is playful and energetic - Montessori trained would be a bonus but not essential.

The preferred days and hours required are;

Tuesday 7am to 11am

Wednesday 7am to 11am

Thursday 7am to 11am

There is flexibility with the days and other days of the week would be considered

Start date is beginning of August but the family are happy to wait for the right nanny and would consider a later date.

The priority of the role is looking after the little boy but there may be some light household duties if time permits.

please call us on on 0800 444 118 for more information

#8801 - Sumner - 16 hours a week/ 4 days - Start Mid August

This is a fabulous part time role in Sumner caring for an active and happy little 3 year old boy. The family live near the beach and the little boy loves play dates, going to the playground and the library in Sumner. This job would suit a nanny that would be happy to interact at the same level - jump on a slide with him, role play and he loves little challenges set for him. Pick up from Preschool will be required

The days and hours are;

Monday 12.30 to 6.30pm - 4 hours

Wednesday 12.30 to 6.30pm - 4 hours

Friday 12.30 - 6.30pm - 4 hours


Tuesday or Thursday 11 am to 3pm - 4 hrs - the hours on this day are a little flexible

Total 16 hours

Start date - Mid August

Light housekeeping duties, keeping the kitchen clean, tidy away toys and emptying dishwasher will be required. The family will also require the nanny to prepare dinner on the days worked - My Food Bag will be delivered.

If you would like more information on this role please call The Nanny Company 0800 444 118.