You can join us with your own nanny for free early years education…

If you have preschool children and your own amazing care giver, you can join The Nanny Company and take part in our free early childhood education service. Whether you have a baby, a nearly school aged child or both, at The Nanny Company we are focused on helping your children lay strong learning foundations which we believe gives every child the confidence to reach their full potential.

The ‘in home’ early years programme is based around nurturing responsive relationships, play, exploration and discovery. Working with each child’s unique strengths and interests. ‘In home’ differs from other childcare with individual attention and a programme which is fitted to the child, rather than the child fitting with the programme. We firmly believe that this care and education should be available to all children.

Joining as part of our education service would mean you are visited by one of our Visiting Teachers who is trained in early childhood education. They would help your caregiver break down the early childhood education programme for each of your children. They would discuss each child’s interests and strengths and help build a programme based on this. They would be on hand to offer strategies and advice. Also as part of our education programme your caregiver and children would have access to our fortnightly playgroups.

The Nanny Company can claim the non-income tested ‘Early Childhood Education’ allowance for you and also help you understand if you are eligible for any WINZ subsidies, such as low income allowances, allowances for postnatal depression, stress or other medical illness.

The Nanny Company also offer a payroll service to take the stress out of paying an employee.

 Requirements to join The Nanny Company with your caregiver:

You and your carer are happy to fully participate in our early years education programme , including have the visiting teacher come to your house once a month and visit your carer and children. Your carer will fill out the daily diary and learning journal .
Maintain first aid training (at our expense), and being involved in our ‘best practice’ guidance programme.
If your carer is related to you, that they do not live at the same address as you and your children.
You meet the Ministry of Education (MOE)  education and home safety guidelines:

Agree to participate in The Nanny Company education programme; working with our visiting teacher participating in home visits with the caregiver and children each month, completion of our support material (daily diary, learning journal).
Agree to have a fully fenced outdoor play area adjacent and accessible from your home.
Agree to have a fire/heater guard.
Agree to have fire/smoke detectors.
Agree to have any TVs and heavy furniture secured to the wall.
Agree to have a first aid kit.
If this sounds like you, please call our office on 0800 444 118 or fill out the form below and we will be in touch.