Low Childcare Ratio's


There has been a lot of talk in the media about child ratio's and teacher shortages in Early Childhood Centres.  National Radio has headlines like "Low Early Childhood Staffing could be 'toxic' - adovcates",  "Insight: Dangerous Daycares" & "Early childhood teacher shortages 'reaching crisis point'".

With a nanny looking after your child or children then you avoid all those concerns.  You, as the parent decide what ratio you want by the very fact the nanny is only looking after your children.  


As your child is cared for in your home, you know what they will eat, and that they will sleep in their own bed  

The children still have access to group based socialization, but on your terms.  This can be at one of our fortnightly playgroups, a local music group, playgroup --- but you are the one to decide.  If you child is a bit tired from a long weekend, or maybe is teething, then again, you get to choose how much you want them doing during the day.

Having your child's carer come to you also means no drop offs or pickups, if your child has a nap at 8am - then they can, no worrying about getting them into the car and to the centre by a certain time.  No more pickups of tired children - arrive home from work and the children are bathed and already in their pajamas.

If you would like to learn more then we are ready to answer your questions.

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