The Nanny Company is a licensed Early Childhood service, and meets the standards imposed by The Ministry of Education regulatory requirements.  We are licensed under the government Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008, which requires we follow all legislation set out in this document; this covers a raft of areas including curriculum delivery, and health and safety requirements for individual homes.

We are also reviewed in a three yearly cycle by the Education Review Office; they compile public reports on all licensed services.

We welcomed the Education Review Office in December 2014 to undertake their regular review of our service. The following are excerpts from the review team ERO report. A link to the full report is located at the bottom of this page. We are thrilled with the findings!


“Particular strengths of this network include:

  • individual programmes that successfully build on children’s interests

  • the use of effective teaching practices to support children and nannies

  • the overall quality of relationships and interactions between nannies, children and visiting teachers.

  • A strong feature of this service is a fortnightly playgroup for children, nannies and/or parents. These playgroups are well attended and provide a range of social and learning opportunities for children and nannies to join in and enjoy.

There is an effective management structure and sound operational systems that support and guide the delivery of services. This includes well established self-review process and ongoing professional development for visiting teachers and nannies.”

Here is a break down of how we used the Ministry of Education funding.

2017/2018 Funding Allocation


The Nanny Company is licensed to provide a Home-Based Childhood Education and Care Service subject to the continued compliance with the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 and with the following conditions as detailed in the following specific licenses.