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Is there just for your children, nurturing them; helping them to grow into happy and confident lifelong learners, whilst enabling them to enjoy the magical moments of childhood.

Nannies develop friendships with your children making them feel safe, secure and content. They have the time and attention to get to know your children as individuals, understanding where their strengths and interests lie and how best to enhance these special talents. 

Your home is the best place for this to happen! It’s a known safe place, providing your children with a feeling of consistency which allows them to feel they can take risks, explore, discover!

Our nannies can work by themselves caring for and growing your children or alongside you, giving you a helping hand. Nannies also provide you flexibility in childcare, by offering both part time and full time care with hours to suit you.

Having a nanny is not only beneficial, but the practical and stress free alternative in childcare for the whole family!

Our Free Pre-School Education Programme and Requirements:

The Nanny Company is licensed by the Ministry of Education to provide early childhood education, following the national curriculum. Funding from the government enables us to run our education programme FREE of charge for you, allowing us to find you the best in nurturing care and education! To join this service you must:

  • Have a child or children 0-5 years and require care for 3 months or longer.

  • Have a ‘child safe home’ e.g. fenced outdoor play area accessible from the house, guarded heating, a first aid kit, smoke detectors, Tv and other heavy furniture strapped or secured to the wall and any pools fenced.

  • Be willing to have a Visiting Teacher from The Nanny Company visit your nanny and children each month in your home. The Visiting Teachers are early childhood qualified and provide on-going support with the care and developmental needs of your children.

  • Have your nanny complete the Daily Diary each day and Online Learning Stories (for each child) each month.

If you can’t meet these requirements we do have a nanny placement service call us to inquire 0800-444-118

Having the twins after Zoe was an incredibly stressful time. The Nanny Company proved to be a life saver. They understood it was a stressful time helping us with our WINZ benefits and found us the best nanny.
— Kate, Mother of three


Costs of a Permanent Nanny:

The average hourly rate of a nanny is $19 – $22 per hour for the South Island and $20 – $24 per hour in the Wellington region.  This is dependent on the level of experience and training of each individual nanny.

Many people are surprised at the funding they can claim towards the cost of a nanny.   Some funding is income tested, whilst some is not.  We are able to guide you with the rules, rates and entitlements of funding, parents may be able to access.  Examples are multiple birth hours, Early Childhood Education allowance (ECE) and other Work and Income allowances (WINZ subsidies) which can include low income and help with issues such as postnatal depression or stress. The Nanny Company are always happy to discuss this with you.


Nanny Selection Process:

As nannies are involved in the care and education of your children, we feel it is important for us to select the best nannies. To ensure this happens we spend a great deal of time in the selection process, including screening, interviews and reference checks (these must be for the care of preschool children and babies). All our nannies are police checked and we fund their first aid training.

Not all nannies make it onto our books and we do not select nannies who we feel will not suit your individual needs. We believe in finding the perfect nanny for the right family and our aim is to make this a stress free experience for you.

We will guide you through the process offering supportive tools such as contracts, job descriptions, interview questions etc. We are always available to answer any questions along the way.

Call us today on 0800 444 118 or fill in the inquiry form below.  Please note if you are looking for after school care for school aged children only and you don’t have a child aged under five years then, unfortunately we can not assist you.

Nanny Care Request

If you would like to request our Nanny Service in either Christchurch or Wellington, please complete the following form. Please note if you are looking for after school care for school aged children, unfortunately we cannot assist you.