The Learning Journey

The Nanny Company provides an individualised early years learning programme at no cost.  This programme is operated in your own home by your nanny who is mentored by a visiting teacher trained in Early Childhood Education.

There is one on one mentoring for your nanny with their visiting teacher.  The early childhood qualified visiting teacher will visit your home once a month to work with the nanny, family and children.  Together they develop an individual learning programme focused on each child’s interests and current development stage.

The programme plan will lay the foundation for planning activities and experiences the nanny will offer each child, to stimulate their learning, offering extension to skills already mastered.

The visiting teacher will offer advice and guidance on activities, extension ideas and offer ‘real life’ hands on experiences for children in their own familiar home environment, this is coupled with having the benefit of only one primary caregiver (the nanny). Educa is used to record the children’s learning. Each family has a log-in so they can access up to date documentation around their child’s learning. Visiting Teachers, family and extended family can access this online or via a mobile app. Educa streamlines documentation and parent communication and creates more visibility around learning.

The children in our service grow to see themselves as competent successful learners.  They are well placed to enjoy their current, and future relationships with others due to the positive and responsive learning environment they have experienced.

The key to our education programme whilst meeting learning outcomes, planning and assessment, is that each child has been individually focused on. They have experienced learning in the resource rich environment of their own home.  They have met many people in their community, and experienced different places and things. 

As part of our education programme, each family is required to keep a daily diary (LINK), which is to cover health and safety responsibilities and also assist as a communication tool for parents and the nanny.

Playgroups (LINK) are offered every fortnight and form part of the delivery of the early childhood curriculum.