What is it?

A nanny share is where two families share the same nanny. It can be a great in home childcare solution as you have all the benefits of ‘a nanny’ alongside additional social interaction for your child/children and reduced costs!  Ask around friends and family or antenatal groups to see if you can find someone to share a nanny with.

The costs:

The cost of the nanny is around $18-$20 in the South Island, $20-$22 in the North Island.  However this total amount is split between you and the other family, substantially reducing your individual hourly costs.

Things to consider:

There are a few things to consider when forming a nanny share;

You need to decide whose home will be used – just one family or turn about?
If the nanny helps out in the home with children’s washing and meals will this be turnabout at each house?
What will happen with nanny holidays – how do you decide between you and the other family when you (the families) and the nanny takes leave?
What will happen if one family’s child is sick?
Once you have found someone to share your nanny with please contact us and we can help you find the perfect nanny to meet your ‘joint needs’.