"Mummy can I help you?"

Young children love to help and be involved in and around the house with whatever you are doing. However we all know that their ‘helping’ can mean things take twice as long and are not up to the usual high standard you love to achieve (hehehe). 

Photo by Kraig Scarbinsky/Photodisc / Getty Images

But! Guess what?! This time of wanting to help is short lived in the grand scheme of things! Before you know it they will become messy teens who refuse to pull their weight at all! 

Choose a few daily chores and activities that they can be part of; wiping the table, taking the rubbish out, dusting, mopping, setting/clearing the table etc. Self-esteem and confidence can be built upon when a child is being included and praised for their efforts. They feel a sense of responsibility, routine and “I can do it”! Researchers believe that children who participate in household chores are more likely to complete their education and impact positively on their IQ!                                                                                                                         
So give it a go!  Be patient, don’t criticise or correct them instead model it first, give age appropriate chores and praise, praise, praise.