Do I really have to cook with them?

What does cooking teach?

Promotes literacy and numeracy – as children can make sense of symbols representing information.

Cultural awareness – it give an opportunity to learn about customs, traditions and cultures around the world.

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Self esteem – promotes healthy eating and healthy choices, learning about nutrition. It is also great to increase children’s self confidence when they are making contribution to the family and feel successful in providing something they have created.

Concentration – Develops concentration as instructions need to be followed, relationships are growing as they cook and share with others.

Processes and systems – science concepts are being explored, such as how ingredients interact and impact on the outcome of the dish. Maths is also very strongly present, in measurements. They can learn early numeracy in a real life concept, such as measurement and quantity, spatial awareness.

Develops all 5 of the sense – Tasting, seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing – all strongly present in cooking activities.