The great outdoors, what does it provide?

What does outdoor play teach?

Refines fine and gross motor skills – which are either already present or developing.

Problem solving and conflict resolution –especially in group play, deciding who gets what role in imaginary play.

Positive attitude to physical activity – fosters positive  attitudes about physical exercise, being in the outdoors and having a  healthy lifestyle. There are so many outdoor  activities to use, such as planks, tyres etc. Outdoor activity supports creative thinking and problem solving, children have to use what is available to create what they envisage.

Release of emotions – physical activity provides opportunity  to release emotions and physical energy in appropriate ways. 
It also grows self esteem as children engage in new challenges  and recognise their own growth and accomplishments. 

Appreciation of the natural world – they achieve this through natural exploration of their environment and also being out in the community, observing difference.

Increase control over body – children gain increasing control and awareness of their bodies and what they can and cannot yet do. They will strive to develop their skills further in a supportive environment where experimentation can be carried out. There is no predetermined skill required to take part in active outdoor exploration; the area can be explored at the child’s individual level.