We all love a good story and a dance, right?

What does storytelling and music teach?

Communication strategies – We all remember trying to memorise Words and times tables,  singing is great for adding this type of learning.

Photo by gpointstudio/iStock / Getty Images

Storytelling is a fantastic communication tool with young children, develop their love of talking and interacting with other children.

Respect for others contribution - children develop an appreciation and respect for others contributions to an activity.

Memory and concentration skills – the develop their memory skills, drawing on their memory to participate in set songs, stories, dances etc.

Promotes language development – increases the vocabulary, plus offering he vehicle for sharing information and communicating with others, building social confidence.

Increases confidence and kills in symbolic, dramatic play – motor skills are developing whilst also learning spatial awareness and awareness of others needs. Symbolic dramatic play is a vital emotional release; this is often how they make sense of what they have seen around them, also stimulating the imagination – a skill which is very useful in later more formal learning scenarios.

Builds an understanding of “real” and “make believe” – this type of play helps children understand that not all characters are real, this can help them cope with any anxieties they may have around “fictional characters”.

Choice – remember we don’t actually all love a good sing and dance, but offering a safe and supportive environment in which to explore this side of learning, the child can decide their interests and extensions themselves.